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Farrow & Ball (The 9 New Colours)

Disclaimer. This blog contains upsetting talk about how we are moving away from grey walls. It is fair to say I had fallen so far down a Cornforth White rabbit hole that I didn’t even know I was in it.…


6 September Beauty Favourites

Oh Hey. Remember me? I unintentionally took a month off from the blog, while the break was nice, I have missed this little corner of the internet. The break has mean’t that I now have so much to share with…


August Ramblings

I am waving a timid hello. How are you all? I haven’t been blogging recently because life has been nothing short of overwhelming if I am honest. I struggle to find the balance between creating uplifting content and throwing in…


Hair – My Favourite Products

If there is one thing that I have learnt, it is that whatever you are willing to say about yourself out loud to people, you have to expect they then might also say the same thing out loud about you.…


The Confetti Fields

FOMO – I had no idea what this word meant until I absolutely lived it last year. I am talking about the Confetti Fields and the way they filled my instagram feed. I vowed that this year I would go…


Treat Your Feet

I really hope that I speak for us all when I say this but we have been having such amazing weather recently. It has been sunny and warm. There have been actual BBQ’s in actual garden’s (instead of BBQ invites…