Top Five Crime Podcasts

I don’t even know if it is safe to start analysing the new popularity of true crime. Whether its because we crave new ways to feel shocked, whether we think we are budding detectives and pull apart the forensic evidence or whether we are able to switch off from the real horror and indulge in true crime as it it were fiction, I don’t have the answer. I know my personal interest lies in the psychology of the crime. The ‘what makes people tick’ element. It is also the angle I watch reality TV from and how I like to use instagram. I am forever thinking about the social and anthropological aspects of these forms of entertainment. I sound like a hoot dont I!

Regardless of why you find true crime interesting I can reassuringly say you are not alone. The last year I have really started to enjoy listening to podcasts. Rather depressingly I don’t do very well without constant stimulation. A mixture of scrolling social media, whatsapping friends or listening to podcasts see’s me through both work and house work. Don’t panic I am mindful not to be doing any of these things around the boys.

I wanted to share the podcasts that I revisit time again. There are many that I have tried but not gelled with. I think I either need the podcasters to be funny or completely chilling. I am not here for anything in-between.

They Walk Among Us

This is a very chilling and factual UK true crime podcast. It took a few episodes to get used to the voice because it really is almost monotone but in a way that is completely fitting for the subject matter. It is nice to listen to something that withholds any emotion or opinion and gives you the facts. It combines snippets from news broadcast and the press and paints the full (or as full as it can ever be) picture of the crime.

Red Handed

A podcast not just dedicated to UK crime, told by Suruthi and Hannah who I often find myself chuckling too despite the subject matter. This podcast offers a softness of some comedy and the endearing relationship between the podcasters while discussing Crime. Often covering crimes I have been completely unaware of. This is my go to podcast out of the five. The most entertaining and easiest to listen to.

All Killa No Filla

Raved about this before and I’ll rave about it again. I love All Killa, No Filla. I find both Kiri Pritchard-Mclean and Rachel Fairborn hilarious. Sometime flitting between the crime and their tales from the weekend, it is a really personable podcast to listen to. They don’t record often but I have enjoyed ever episode.

Unheard : The Fred And Rose West Tapes

Although this is dedicated to one crime it is a crime we are all familiar with. Having lived in Gloucestershire most of my life, this case has always been something I was aware of from a young age. Eventually we moved to Bishops Cleeve which is where Rosemary lived as a child making it all feel familiar. The places that are documented I have visited. This is an interesting listen and although doesn’t bring to light any new facts it has been interesting to delve so deeply into the case.

My Favourite Murder

Probably the podcast I see mentioned the most across social media. A sympathetic account of crimes by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. This podcast has a brilliant mix of a comedic feel along with a rightly sympathetic story telling. I find their accents really relaxing despite the dark subjects covered.


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