Choosing Art Work For Our Home

Post contains previously gifted Art and affiliate links.

It has been liberating having brand new smooth, flat walls to hang art on in our new home. The cottage we lived in previously had curves to the walls and beams running through everywhere meaning I always felt a bit perplexed about what would work in terms of art.

It is almost giving me a new lease of life when it comes to decorating. I am enjoyed having a mixture of affordable and more premium pieces in my home. I love how art adds personality with minimal effort and can be changed around so easily too. I have been trying to think about how I go about choosing art but ultimately, if I am drawn to it then I try to make it work somewhere! I have tried to choose pieces that compliment each other if they are to be hung together in a gallery wall. (I have only created one so far in the kitchen/dining space but hope to add more over time) Otherwise it is an anything goes situation.


Line Boob Print is from Oliver Bonas (Last Season)

Liverpool print from Etsy and Quote from Print Club London

Football prints from Etsy

Love sign from Modo Creative (Gift)


Print from King And Mcgaw

Some great things to think about when you are buying art are;

Choosing a Palette

The kitchen/dining area has a really neutral colour theme. The walls are painted in Farrow & Ball Ammonite, which a an understated grey colour and really calming. I wanted the pictures to continue that feel. I had bought the ‘Lets Go Get Lost Together’ print before we moved here knowing that I wanted it in the kitchen and used it as the base for everything else that has been added. It is a piece by Dave Buonaguidi who creates amazing typography prints. (Bought via Print club London) I love all of his art and wish I had a never ending money pocket to buy it all. though I think there is a limit to how much typography each room can hold.


Use of a mixture of frame sizes and colour to add interest.

I find using a variety of sizes and frame colours can completely change the way art looks. For example a wall of uniform sizes and colour frames can offer a more contemporary feel. I tried to order art in similar sizes but with a choice of frames so when everything arrive I could play around with what worked better in what frame. Most commonly however pieces have been collected over time and I just spend time working how they would fit hanging together. Lying them on the floor in your planned pattern, taking a picture and coming back to look at it later helps. Otherwise I find I can be too absorbed in what I’m doing to really see it properly.


Pulling in features from other rooms to create flow.

Or even from the same room. I have a print of the dining chairs hung on the wall and there (unintentionally) is a theme of naked women in line drawings all around the house. Maybe it is because I am in a house of boys that I have subconsciously tried to stamp as much femininity as I can everywhere! I have also ordered a print of the William Morris wallpaper that we have in the downstairs toilet to hang on my gallery wall to continue the flow of each room.


Great places to buy art are

Print Club London



Oliver Bonas

The Poster Club


Worldly And Wild

Modo Creative


Jam Art Factory

Muck N Brass





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