Transitional Pieces – My Month With Very (AD)

I love March for many reasons. Mostly the fact that by the time it comes around I have well and truly given up on any New Years resolutions that I may have optimistically shouted from the roof tops. My mood always starts to naturally improve as the days get longer, the weather warmer and the outfits aren’t having to be swamped by massive coats anymore. (Yes I remember that year it snowed in March, but for the most part hopefully Teddy coats get packed away. Hooray!)

I have started to add some transitional pieces to my wardrobe, being mindful to add things that will be versatile should we plummet back to those freezing temperatures again. That being said I have always been a style over substance kinda girl and would rather freeze in something that looked nice than be practical.

My first pick was this dress which is a little out of my comfort zone, being a colour I never normally wear. I chose it because it lends itself well to those warmer days when you can brave having your legs out but also wouldn’t look out of place with tights and a chunky knit over the top. The snack print boots would also look fab teamed with some cream jeans which is something I am hoping to add to my wardrobe once I find the perfect pair.

Dress Very Boots Very Bag Mulberry (Not current)

Still running with the dresses theme this dress is more my normal taste. I feel I always air on the side of oversized bohemian style outfits. This one ticks every box. I LOVE the colour and feel khaki is an over looked neutral shade. It is such an easy dress to wear because of the loose fit. I ordered it because I know it will work so well with sandals and sunglasses once the warmer weather makes its appearance. I have this style of boots from a few other brands but these are the most comfortable pair out of them all. They also look amazing with cropped wide leg jeans.

Dress Very Boots Very Bag Mulberry (Not current)

Lastly my favourite item from my month with Very has to be this trench. I absolutely love the print. It is a light weight coat making it perfect for spring and to easily dress up any jeans and t-shirt outfit. The skinny jeans are also from Very too and out of everything I have ordered from Very, the jeans have always been the most worn items. They’re amazing quality and wash really well.

Trench Very Jeans Very 

I hope you like this months picks!


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