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A few weeks ago I received one of those ‘jump up and down’ emails. One of those emails that you double check if it was actually meant for you. Joules had asked me if I would like to come on a Mothers Day trip that would be hosted at Watergate Bay in Cornwall. The idea of the trip was to take your mother away with you but unfortunately this wasn’t possible for me. Without going into details our relationship is currently a little strained. The last 12 months have been really difficult in my personal life and it just meant it wasn’t fitting for me to take my mum along sadly. However Joules kindly let me pair up with my good friend Sally (as her mum was unable to make it too!)

It is a four hour drive from where I live down to Cornwall so I loaded up my tiny Fiat 500 and listened to crime podcasts all the way. I haven’t spent more than one night away from the boys in four years so I felt really nervous about leaving them. Si was working from home so they were in good hands but I just knew I would miss them terribly.

Everyone had travelled from different parts of the country but we all managed to arrive at the same time which was brilliant. We sat down for some lunch before we headed off to explore the hotel. Watergate Bay has always been on my bucket list of places to stay and it was even better in the flesh. It sits right on the beach and is dog friendly. (Crazy dog lady over here trying to stroke everyones pug.) It is a premium hotel but has such a laid back atmosphere which was perfect. It was so nice to see children in sandy wellies having the best time and it has made me determined to take my boys there later in the year too! There are so many amazing facilities at Watergate Bay including a swimming pool, hot tub and spa as well an amazing restaurant.

We were very lucky to have a treatment booked for us at the spa and I chose to have a Drench facial while some of the others had opted for massages or pedicures. It was so indulgent and amazing. I felt extremely lucky! That evening the plans were for a gin masterclass with Warner Edwards Gin. I don’t really drink and I haven’t tried many Gins before. Though I am a sucker for pretty packaging! We were able to try most of the range and even had a sneak peek of the new Raspberry Gin that they are launching. Which happened to be my favourite. Not a Gin connoisseur but it was the sweetest of all the ones we tried!

The next day we had a flower press workshop with The Flower Press Shop. Where we created some gorgeous frames with pressed flowers inside. They are amazing and so easy to make. All you need is

  • Flowers
  • Frame
  • Iron
  • Greaseproof baking paper

Simply cut your flowers to size and sandwich them between two pieces of baking paper. With a hot iron (Not on the steam setting) Press down onto the flowers for 10-15 seconds. You may need to repeat this process. Let them cool and then pop them in the frame. Easy!

A wander around Padstow gave me an opportunity to test out my new coat and trainers from Joules. We had lunch at Rojano’s and I ordered the largest pizza. We hadn’t been blessed with the best weather and I just craved warming, comfort food. Luckily this raincoat has a fleece lining so it is super warm.

Bag Joules

We finished our stay with an evening at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen. Some of the people on this trip I had been friends with since I first started out blogging. People that had always not only been supportive behind the squares but also in real life too. Others I only met on this trip but we all got on so well. It was the friendliest group!

The biggest thank you to Joules for inviting me along. Their new spring collection is everything you expect from Joules. Gorgeous prints and fun jumpers. I am looking forward to the weather improving to shop it all!

*I have marked this post as an AD because our stay was complimentary but no payment was received for this content.



  1. March 11, 2019 / 3:14 pm

    I love watergate bay, what a dream combo! Love your trainers so much!
    Thanks for taking us along
    Harriet x

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