Leopard Print Makes The Ladies Skint

If you don’t like leopard print can we even be friends?

I can pinpoint the exact moment that I became a fan of leopard print. It was the day I bought myself a £12 pair of Primark leopard print boots. They made my heart sing and I wore them until the heel fell off. Difficult to say whether that was through excessive wear or whether it was because they were, ya know £12.

Since then, and I am not suggesting that the two things are in any way linked, but the fashion world and Instagram have all gone a little bit mad for the print as well. Making it super accessible to buy and yet even harder to find the really good stuff.

I went on a mission to replace my very much loved Primark boots. There was something about the style of the boot that made them just so perfect. Nothing compared until last year I found some in office and despite the very big difference in price tag I bought them.

Jumper Debenhams Trousers H&M Boots Office

For some people, wearing matching underwear makes them feel like they have their shit together. For me wearing leopard print does that. I stand a little taller and hold my head a little higher. Though I still struggle to do that in large crowds, but if you are going to stare at your feet through insecurity then at least they will be pretty boots you are looking at!

I have always fully embraced the trend. I do struggle when it comes to adding leopard print to my interiors. If you have seen any of my interiors posts you will know I am always drawn to very plain neutrals when it comes to decor. Though I am working on changing that. I wonder whether adding leopard print at home will give me the same energy as wearing it?

A little pass time of mine is to hunt through the high street to see where the best leopard print lives. I do this every autumn. You may say pumpkins and Halloween signify the season but not for me! So here are my favourites. Completely not useful if you are not a fan!

Cara x


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