Treat Your Feet

I really hope that I speak for us all when I say this but we have been having such amazing weather recently. It has been sunny and warm. There have been actual BBQ’s in actual garden’s (instead of BBQ invites that get rained off and turn into eating sandwiches in a friends kitchen).

The change in weather has encouraged me to plan more local days out sightseeing and I have noticed just how much walking that has lead to. (To clarify, when I say sightseeing I kinda mean find pretty places to photograph and a pretty pub garden to order lunch in. I wouldn’t want you thinking I was looking at historical buildings or anything.) There is something satisfying about tracking my steps and hitting my 10,000 a day target. This has made me think about footwear choices over the warmer months. Warmer days mean, for me, I am outside as much as physically possible. Warmer days also mean Sandals. Oh how I love the opened toe fun the summer brings.  It’s no secret that shoes are my weakness. I would prefer to wear a simple outfit and a statement shoe any day. When people say they have a signature shoe I am over here like ‘I have all the shoe’s.’

Dress Marks & Spencer Sandals Marks & Spencer

Despite having an unhealthy large selection of shoes, I have been wearing the two pairs of sandals that I have from Marks & Spencer the most. Something that you may not be aware of is M&S sandals are designed with Insolia®. They have been designed to redistribute the weight of your foot which reduces pressure and makes the ankle more stable. Sounds pretty fancy pants but what it basically means is they are comfortable and you are taking care of your feet a little more without having to compromise on style. These black leather weave slingback’s have been put to the test on a few days out recently and I have to say they are so comfortable. I love them as they are simple enough to wear with jeans for the school run and pretty enough for strolls around our quaint little villages in the cotswold’s.

I wish I had always thought this way about footwear. There have been far too many days where I have been nursing blisters or sore aching feet because I didn’t try shoes on before I bought them, or they were completely impractical but had a pretty bow and the magpie in me just couldn’t resist. It is always worth buying good quality, in my opinion. Style and comfort don’t have to be separate choices.

I am also very much in love with this dress! It has all the ‘skipping through a field’ qualities that I look for in a summer dress and a fluted sleeve. What more could you want!

Back to feet and sandal’s though, I have spent more time looking after my feet this year than any other. There isn’t any reason for that other than I am now treating the few minutes at the start and end of each day as ‘me time’ (gotta get it where you can!) As a result it has become part of my daily beauty routine to pamper my feet. I think that little and often is definitely the key to having healthy and pretty feet. I have put together my foot care tips over on the Marks & Spencer website if you would like to head over to have a read.

What tips do you have for looking after your feet?


*This post is sponsored by Marks & Spencer but all words and opinions are my own.




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