Photography – Olympus Pen 75mm

A few months ago I switched over from using the Canon 1300D to the Olympus Penn E-PL8. I  have put together a blog post of what I think of both camera’s here. I am still very much in love with all that the Olympus Penn has to offer but I felt that I wanted a lens that created a more crisp image, with that background blur that makes portrait photography stand out. I already had the 45mm lens but felt that it had its limitations and was more ideal for product shots as you need to take the picture from a shorter distance away to achieve any blur.

I set my sights on buying the 75mm lens. It retails at around £650-£700 so it wasn’t something I could purchase on a whim. The lens itself is very heavy and large which changes how I was using the Penn. It isn’t something you can just pop in your handbag when this lens is attached. However if you want an editorial look to your photography I cant sing the praises of this fella enough.

Here are some recent images I have taken with the lens.

Boys Tops Joules Dress Asos (old)

Jumpsuit Stalf Sunglasses Kapten & Son

Shirt The White Company Necklaces Missoma 


I have found that it isn’t the most forgiving lens, you cant just snap away and hope for the best. It takes its time to focus. That might be my inexperience talking however. Overall I am so happy with this lens and it has been my ‘go to’ choice.


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