What I Have Been Wearing

Catchy title huh?

Something has been changing over the last few months and I have been doing more and more fashion content. I have been losing my insecurities about posing in pubic. Even to the point where I can now pose with just my tripod and a ten second timer. I know, I know, I have come along way from those days of seeking out alleyways to have my picture taken. Blushing at the thought of anyone seeing.

I wanted to share what I have been wearing over the last few weeks to answer some of your questions. Where it is from? What is the sizing like? Is it a total dick to iron?

These are both the same style wrap dress from Arket in two colours. They are simple wrap dresses that I have found to be super flattering for my shape. I have them in a size 36 (I am a 10/12). If you have larger boobs you may need to size up or pin the dress. Not a dick to iron.

This jumpsuit is from Stalf, it is a really heavy linen material which makes it perfect all year around. During the colder months I popped a Breton t-shirt underneath but I prefer worn like this. I have it in a medium and its a super flattering and forgiving cut.

This cover up is actually a dress from The White Company which I have been wearing as a cover up while I am waiting for the weather to improve. The Jeans are from Joules. Their website states the jeans make you look a size smaller and I think they really do. I have them in three colours! My go to footwear are my Saltwater sandals, which I have in navy and brown. They are hands down the most comfortable shoes I own.

Hope that answers some of your questions!




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