Garden – Tarting It Up

When we moved into our house it had a perfectly lovely mature garden. However Si was convinced that we need an extra 3ft of grassĀ around all the edges and so he promptly removed everything that was there. We were left with a muddy nightmare. Slowly over the last three years we have been unofficially (it’s the unsaid thing) restoring it back to how the previous owners had it. The lesson here being that we are rubbish gardeners.

We basically don’t go out in it if the weather is rubbish and then panic buy flowers when a hint of sun appears. Which is what happened last week. This is how the garden was looking. In short weedy and unloved.

Thanks to my trusty new car we managed to buy all the hydrangeas that Homebase stocked as these seem to be the flower I have no problem keeping alive. They have the added benefit of being dried at the end of the summer too. I think they are a cost effective way to make a garden look pretty as they grow fast and cover large areas. Perfect for pots as well! Can you tell I am team Hydrangea?

Thanks to Si being on gardening leave the process of tarting the outdoor space up was super easy for me. I (reluctantly) took a supervisory role in the whole thing. I am really pleased with how it is looking now. Yes, it was a small makeover but we are trying to be conservative with spending money on the house as it is up for sale currently.

Our garden furniture is from Very. We have had it over a year and it hasn’t weathered or damaged. I am really impressed with the quality.

The next house I am going to get a professional to sort the garden!



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