Life Lately (Part 3)

It feels like so much has happened this month that time is whizzing by and yet as the weather hasn’t bothered to progress through the seasons this year it also feels like it was only last week that the Christmas tree came down. It has been a while since I have penned a little life update so here it is.


If you missed it over on Instagram then the biggest news has been that I have a new car! We have needed a second car for a long time but with Si started a new job where he will be travelling to work it gave us the nudge to get on and find one. I wanted something small to nip the children to school and to swiftly nip me to Homesense after school drop off. So far the Fiat 500 is proving to be a really great choice and I am super happy with her! Not to mention the colour matches my outfits. Si has been on gardening leave for a week and it has been so nice having help around the house. It will be such a shock when he starts his new job and it is back to me doing everything house/child related again.


After two sunny days I completely panicked about my wardrobe. I sold almost half over it over on my Depop and spent some time trying to update it ready for spring. Without meaning too I went hard on the new shoes. These are my favourites (alongside the old faithful saltwater’s) that I think will get the most wear this season.

Animal Print Loafers Jones Bootmaker Woven Mules M&S Red Loafers Boden

My favourite addition to my wardrobe for spring is a floral maxi skirt that I have been wearing with a cashmere jumper while it isn’t warm enough for vests. It has an elasticated waist and pockets. That means it ticks every box for me and I will no doubt wear it to death.

What I have been wearing this week


There isn’t any house news to update you on. We are hopefully going to spend a little time tidying up the garden this week and buying some new plants as it has been a little neglected over the winter months. Blossom has started to fall from the trees in our back garden and it looks so pretty out there. When it comes to updating the garden I am mainly thinking about buying hydrangeas as they seem to be the easiest thing to keep alive and will save me so much money when it comes to buying flowers. (Not to mention drying them too)
I have a few exciting collaborations coming up this month so work life is going to be busy. I am just praying the sun makes an appearance and everything will be easier!
Cara x


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