An Investment Jacket

Do you ever stop to think I wish I owned a jacket that didn’t make me too hot, stopped me from being too cold but also had the added benefit of making me look like Liam Gallagher? Then you are in the right place my friends.

We are all fed up with this weather. Non committal sunny spells and so much rain. The weatherman must be pulling his hair out. (Unless he has a cover all bases jacket like me of course) I never know what to wear. Most of my coats would mean that I cant where summer clothes underneath. However I think I have found a jacket that covers all weather eventualities.

This gorgeous wax jacket is from Troy London. It isn’t a piece that you can buy on impulse as it retails at around £375. However it is perfect for my lifestyle. A great dog walking coat. A great festival coat (the pockets are huge and team it with shorts and wellies you may pass as Kate Moss)


Jacket Troy London  Top Hush  Sunglasses Kapten & Son Jeans The White Company

Wellies Barbour


It has that waxed jacket smell (because it is a waxed jacket) and the lovely red piping giving it a more urban feel. I often fall into the ‘throw away’ fashion trap when realistically it is sensible to own items that you will wear time and time again.

Some people who rock the wax jacket look

Get The Look


Do you think fashion should be more about investment pieces? Are you a sensible shopper or do you buy things that you only wear a handful of times? I would love to know!


*I was very lucky to be sent this jacket from Troy London but there was no obligation to share. (Yet it is too amazing not too)


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