When Tiredness Is A Bitch

We are all tired. I would like to think that I am more tired than my husband. In fact I have practiced winning arguments over who is more tired only this morning, while having a shower. The shower I get to have after I have fed the children, made their packed lunch, dressed them, emptied the dishwasher… you get the idea.

The tiredness got to a point where I knew I couldn’t ignore it any longer. Whenever I feel like life is failing me I used to turn to google but recently I have started to turn to instagram stories. After one of my self indulgent ‘help me I’m tired’ storY my DM folder was full of amazing suggestions to combat this being bloody knackered malarkey.

I have tried a lot of the suggestions over the last two weeks and now sat here writing my third blog post of the day. (I know, no one likes a smug chops) I realised that they are working! Always one to share the wealth I thought I would update you on what has been amazing for me personally. (I would obviously suggest visiting a professional if you are struggling very seriously with tiredness as my medical training is limited to plaster application and ‘kiss it better’ tactics)

First up and potentially the real winner of the bunch for me is Magnesium bath salts. I have been using the Better You brand and having 3 baths per week. They aren’t scented which has meant I can still throw in my favourite bath oil to make it feel super indulgent. When thinking about taking steps to combat tiredness, committing to having a bath was definitely within my capabilities!

I have also been taking some vitamins, nothing fancy just some Boots own brand ones. I have the Multi vitamins with iron tablets¬†and I am also taking B12¬†tablets. I was also recommended to take vitamin D but haven’t started to do that yet. However I suspect vitamin D might be within the multi vitamin.

Exercise then. I hate it. I find it all unmanageable. So I have started making sure I walk 10,000 steps a day just using the health app on my iPhone.

And that is it. 3 small changes that seem to have made such a difference. I can’t tell you just how exhausted I was. It was making my mood really low. Everything seems to have kicked in now and I’m determined to stick to it.

If you have any other tips please share!



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