Time Management Is Becoming My Friend

There is nothing quite like a huge reality check is there. It hits you like a loving head butt from your over excited toddler. I felt fairly confident, maybe even a little smug about my time management skills. I mean everyone is fed, the house is clean and I never forget non uniform day at school. (apart from that one day that we shall not speak of) Last week I met up with a friend who is also self employed and as the conversation progressed I realised that actually I was living a panicking mess of a lifestyle. My friend, who shall remain nameless because her perfect time managing abilities might spark hate towards her, has this remarkable set up where she works ONLY when her children are at school or in nursery.

The idea is so basic and I should have thought about it sooner. I tend to work a little each day and I sometimes feel like an absolute boss and other days I feel like the worlds worse mother. At no point did it cross my teeny tiny little mind that maybe I actually needed some structure to my week. Until now.

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I do want to do well at blogging. The trouble is that it is such an emotive job. I tend to write a post when I get an idea and want to post it all immediately. Which means everything comes from a very whimsical place. Thinking about it now I am sure this is the reason I fell the way I do about social media. Either completely in love and grateful for every second of it or hating it and wishing I could live in a hut with no wifi. No middle ground.

Sonny is only at nursery for 15 hours. I personally don’t want him there any more hours as I know this is our last year before he starts school and I won’t get to spend as much time with him. So I have devised a work schedule allocating a day to photographing, a day to writing and a day of planning the coming weeks content. The idea is that I should therefore be able to actually get up to my three posts a week that I have really wanted to achieve. More importantly I can be a mother 100% when I am with the boys. I haven’t factored my Instagram use into this yet but I have already started to use it much much less.

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This week is the start of that process. I am hoping to be ticking off a few more things on my goals list over the next few months. Pouring a little more commitment and love into this blog of mine.

If there are any posts that you would love to read please let me know in the comments.



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