Why I Have Stopped Blogging About My Children

That title should probably read ‘Why I am going to start blogging about my children a little less and maybe not at all‘ but in the interests of trying to be more concise and maybe even catchy, that title didn’t make the cut.

Maybe you are aware of the ‘thread of dread’ already but if not then recently there was a discussion over on Mumsnet about ‘Instamums’. It caused some controversy and potentially upset a few people. However it did make me think about putting my children on social media. Rightly or wrongly I do believe that it is more likely that an opportunist or a groomer will harm children above a follower of my social media. That of course doesn’t mean that there isn’t a risk. I never want to increase the risk by my actions but at the same time I won’t live my life in the fear that bad people are everywhere.

Putting the danger debate to one side as that isn’t really the reason behind my decision. When I started the blog it initially was meant to be about interiors, hence the name Within These Walls. Like most things in life and maybe because I am a gemini I can’t stick to one thing and like to flitter about between subjects. So it never became a blog about interiors. I know I will never be able to have just one subject on the blog but I would like to focus on interiors and fashions above all other subjects. I believe that naturally I will find where I should be siting within the blogging world at some point.

The last six months have been a real lifestyle change for me as Sonny is now at nursery three days a week. Now I am seeing him less it has made me make have a hard look at how I am when I am around the boys. I never want my boys to grow up thinking my phone is more exciting than they are so when I am around them I try not to check it anywhere near as much as I have been guilty of in the past. The aim is to not use my phone at all around them ideally. However hard that may be!

All of these factors have lead me to the decision that I want to move away from this parenting blogger title that I have been plonked into. I can’t say that my decision won’t change but for now I won’t be accepting any work that focus’ on the boys. They will still feature on my Instagram and blog but purely in an organic way.  I have never felt qualified to talk about parenting so this decision is a real relief. I honestly feel like I am winging it more than the average parent!





  1. September 21, 2017 / 1:31 pm

    I’m terrible with always having my phone out! Going to try to make a resolution like you.
    I think it’s fair to limit your kids on the blog. I run a travel blog but have also swayed away from having much about my son on it because of his privacy. He’s also almost 11 so its a bit weird to write about a kid who can read what you are writing (lol!).

  2. Helen (Little Lavender Room)
    September 21, 2017 / 1:56 pm

    Jeez, the Gemini thing is real isn’t it? I still haven’t started my blog (even though I practically dictate posts to myself whilst driving) because someone recently said to me “you should stick to a blog about your therapy business”. Well, no actually. I want to talk about lots of stuff. So typical me will take absolutely no notice of a professional media manager and go my own way. But my kids are 26, 23 and 16 so I definitely couldn’t talk about them as they are taller than me.


  3. September 21, 2017 / 2:22 pm

    I’m so glad you’ve shared this. I’ve just started out but since people have actually started to read my blog I’ve started to freak out about taking about my daughter so much! Her name is even in the title of the blog!! I focus on lifestyle and interiors too so hopefully I’ll find the right balance, but it’s comforting (is that the right word?) to see someone of your blogging status thinking the same thing. I’m also on my phone waaaay too much! I think the blogging world is so competitive it pushes us to do so. But it’s a new industry so maybe if we all take a step back at the same time it will be less consuming? X

  4. Cecilia Wright
    March 11, 2018 / 12:51 pm

    Just read this and I completely agree that children should be mentioned in blogs very carefully. My reason for thinking this is a bit different to yours though. My children are grown up now but I follow several mums of small children as a result of my interest in interiors and I do love most of their posts about family life. However, I have noticed that there is a tendency to share the boring/maddening stuff on IG and frankly I worry that a day will come when those children will see what mum posted about things they have fond memories of and find that actually she couldn’t wait for it to end! They grow up faster than you think and they’re damn clever on a computer! I hope this doesn’t sound preachy but as Wm Shakespeare said ‘Tread softly, for you tread upon my dreams’. ❤️

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