Knitwear On The Cheap

*Starts blog with an outlandish statement.

I don’t think knitwear is worth investing in. Calm down, let me explain. I love knitwear and I have bought expensive pieces in the past. The reality is that I am poor at washing them correctly and unless I plan to turn into a 12 year old boy anytime soon, most jumpers end up in the bin. More affordable knitwear has always had my back when it comes to that accidental hot wash or tumble dryer incidents. Thats why this year I am steering clear from my normal ‘Buy well, Buy once’ mantra.

I don’t know if I am alone in feeling happy to see the back of summer. The colder months are just easier for me to dress. Let face it, an over sized jumper almost demands that you have a second portion of roast dinner does it not?

I love jumpers that add a pop of colour as well as my old favourite grey numbers. This winter red and mustard yellow seem to be everywhere. In the past I always steered clear of these colours. Mainly because I was certain they didn’t suit me. Last year I wore a mustard yellow coat and everyone went crazy for it which gave me a little more confidence to try mustard again this year and while I’m at it I completely threw caution to the wind and bought a little red number too.


What are my favourite fashion items? Hats and sunglasses. What do I have? A pea head that doesn’t take well to hats and sunglasses. (Don’t even get me started on the husband and his train driver jokes) This years baker boy comeback has made me so happy that I have ordered two in different colours. My head is potentially too small but I’m ignoring that fact and living happily between stations.

So in short what is my plan for winter dressing? Basically the poor opposite to a capsule wardrobe! I plan on buying cheaper jumpers and lots of them!

If you fancy having a look at my favourite affordable knitwear and hat finds. They are right here. Just like that. Enabler and proud.



    • Cara
      September 29, 2017 / 2:36 pm

      Thank you lovely x

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