Event {Part Two}

I have always envied those people at school that just knew what they wanted to be. That wasn’t me. “Oh hey little 16 year old Cara who had no absolutely idea. Whats your plan?” I’m pretty sure I just thought ‘Im pretty, I’ll figure something out’ (We won’t talk about how huge my ego was back then, I’ll save that for another time.) Since school I have gone around learning a little bit here and working a little bit there and generally having a blast and doing well for myself but with zero direction or end goal in sight. A drifter if you like.

So I feel kinda lucky, lucky lucky lucky to have stumbled into blogging. I only started a blog as I had seen a few and thought it would be nice to document my house and children. I had no idea that you could earn money from blogging until late last year. Meaning this year has been a crash course for me in widgets, affiliate links and that oh so loved AD hashtag. I googled everything, spent evenings crying because I just didn’t understand but felt like I couldn’t ask anyone for help. I didn’t know anyone who had a blog back then so it would have been asking strangers over Instagram and generally being a pest. Thankfully after about 39838434 youtube videos it started to click. I started to work out how to do technical things and starting seeing patterns of growth on both my blog and Instagram.

The more I was just myself on these platforms, the more I found people who I connected with. I think in the last few years of having my Instagram and blog I have found more people that get me than I have ever met in the non Instagram realm. (aka Real life.) I’m at a place now where I see so many more positives to any negatives in social media. Gone are the ‘everyone is moaning and knows your business’ days of Facebook. Its a much better community now, where people lift each other up and actually enjoy seeing others do well.

This is why I love doing events with Kate talking about all that I have learnt to really get the most out of the app. The ways to find and connect with the right people. I worry that our events might be a bit fun spongey as we fire facts at people. But it is wonderful to see people making notes and meeting new likeminded people.

We were very lucking to have James taking photographs at the event. James was my wedding photographer. I actually haven’t seen him since the wedding and I forgot just how infectious his confidence is. I have come away wishing I had the same self belief that he does. (Its something I am working on) He has also inspired me to get into photography more. I have been so busy blogging recently that I have stopped trying to learn new things. I think we can all be guilty of the ‘I know enough to get by’ and taking our foot off the gas.

Here are his pictures.




  1. September 7, 2017 / 10:02 am

    Love these photos, Cara! You look so happy. Congratulations!!

    • Cara
      September 8, 2017 / 7:24 am

      Thank you lovely!

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