The Anti Autumn Homeware Edit

This may be going against the grain but if we don’t try new things how can we know if we like them. Brace yourself. I don’t think autumn has to be all about pumpkins spice and earthy tones. At least I’m kinda hoping that isn’t the case. Don’t get me wrong I love a pumpkin spiced candle as much as the next guy. But I like having options guys. Right?
There are ways to make your home feel cosy as the weather makes its stop, start transition into autumn where you can still stick to pastel colours. If that is your bag that is.
My house welcomes pastel tones due to all the natural materials. (Im talking beams and exposed brick here) It would accommodate all colour palettes really but with low ceilings and limited light I have tried to keep things brighter and softer.
After feeling inspired by a Pinterest board I created of these wonderful spaces, I have had a search online for my top picks for this style.
Have a look and let me know what you think and if you see anything I might like let me know!


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