Jewellery That Has A Sense Of Magic

I am a real jewellery lover. I love the impact it can have on outfit. Making the most simple outfit choices more glam, or changing a day look to an evening one. The only problem for me, is that I am very lazy with it. I guess my style is a reflection of that. You will often find me wearing a dress (because it is an outfit in one) even better if it has pockets (that means it almost doubles up as a bag) and floor length (just for minimal ‘maintenance’ on my legs!)

This is why my jewellery either falls into one of two categories. I either choose something that I never have to take off that is delicate and will go with everything. Or I choose really statement jewellery that has such a wow factor it can be worn with outfits as simple as jeans and a t-shirt. I have recently found a website called JewelStreet which has so many amazing pieces on it that are now on my Christmas Wishlist. (too soon?)


My latest find has been this Black Betty Design ring. I was drawn to the amazing colour of the stones and have only just realised now that it is called a gemini ring. I am a gemini and finding out that little fact has made me love it more. I only took a few pieces of jewellery on holiday with me and this guy got so many compliments. When I stumbled upon this ring I found myself drawn to almost all the jewellery by Black Betty Design. The brand ethos really resonates with me, especially this sentence that I found in there ‘about me’ section

“There is a sense of magic in wearing a polished and cherished fragment of the earth on your person”

A truly lovely way to look at wearing jewellery and stones. In the past I have loved vintage jewellery because I like the idea of someone loving it before but after reading that sentence I feel like it is nice to own jewellery that is just yours that you can put your own energy into.

The response that I received from wearing this ring has made me think a little more about the importance of wearing good jewellery and potentially investing in something that you will love for a long time rather than just buying pieces off the high street. The fact that jewellery is such a personal thing, unique to each persons personal taste and often something that is gifted and therefore has happy memories attached to it makes it just so special. If you are looking to invest in something or maybe treat someone else then JewelStreet is an amazing website (and where my Gemini ring is from.) It has so many unique and amazing brands and designers on that you will definitely be able to find something that you fall in love with.

*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Jewel Street but as always all words and opinions are my own.



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  1. April Sloman
    August 19, 2017 / 7:30 am

    Hi cara,

    Beautiful ring I am a Gemini myself. I’m going to take a look at there page now. I love your style I’m so out of it I’m 25 and really out of fashion and style any tips are greatly appreciated or if you know anyone that can help with this I would appreciate that too.
    You always look lovely and your house is beautiful also.

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