Updating My Hallway

My Hallway without a doubt has been the one area of the house that I have struggled with and yet, its so so important as its the area everyone walks into first. (Not to mention all the delivery men that see it everyday) When we first moved into the house it had faded orange carpet, the very same carpet that still runs through the upstairs of the house. Si very kindly ripped it up and replaced with travertine tiles. See the blog post here.

Flash back to Christmas 2015

We have spent some time making it a lighter space by changing the walls to Laura Ashley Pale Dove Grey with white skirting boards. We also found a lovely old storage bench from The Malthouse in Stroud. We still need to change the stairs carpet but that has to be one of those things that is left to last. This aside I still feel like there is still something missing.

I would like the entrance to have both a mirror and a lamp because although this area looks light in the day it is very dark at nighttime. (I am aware the nature of night time is that things get darker) I also would love some storage for things like keys. I have found a few things that I think would work well in this space.

Throw Console Table  Decorative gold Mirror
Alexandria Throw

This throw adds some texture to the area and would look fab styled in a basket tucked next to the console table.

Marlow Console Table

I love this console table because I just know that it can be styled in so many different ways. I love to choose furniture that can accommodate my ever changing style and this will compliment my cottage home too.

Celeste Mirror

This mirror is a real statement item. I love the idea of people walking into my home and this being the first thing that they see! Perfect to reflect some light in a slightly dark entrance and add some sass with the gold!

Bedside lamp Basket Set with Plastic Lining
artificial plant in pot
Glebe 55cm Table Lamp

I recently have been trying to add more botanical items to my home, leaf prints and faux plants and this is why I’m so drawn to this lamp! Its stunning.

Handle Basket Set with Plastic Lining

Baskets are so useful in the home. I use them to chuck throws in and thats what this one would be perfect for in my hallway.

Aloe Vera Desk Top Plant in Pot

My hallway is a little dark and so plants don’t do too well in this room. Luckily there are some amazing faux options out there like this Aloe Vera one.

I also feel like I want the banister sanded back down to natural wood but I’m trying to think of the right way to tell Si after getting him to paint it white in the first place. I think I’m finding this house so difficult to decorate because each thing is so expensive to do that it doesn’t allow much scope for me to change my mind. Its hard to get things right the first time!



  1. July 18, 2017 / 9:34 am

    You have a lovely home. It seems like there is always that area in the home that needs improving. I’m always moving rooms around, adding things, going off things and then loving how cosy and homely it feels. I moving house next year and cannot wait to decorate and add our touch, I’m addicted to pintrest at the moment.

  2. Meghann
    August 13, 2017 / 11:25 am

    What a beautiful bench! Maybe just sand down the handrail and newell posts rather than the banisters themselves? That would lighten it up a bit without feeling like you are undoing all your previous work.

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