Summer Bags

Whether you’re a wicker girl, a French market basket floozie or more of a shake your pom poms ┬áPenny then I have sourced some fantastic items for you. I am well and truly in way over my head in the land of too many shoes, so its a welcome break to start focusing on handbags. These last few months have been a turning point in my life, where I no longer need to pack nappies and wipes and the freedom is almost too exciting to cope with!

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My style has massively changed this summer. Im not sure if that is part of growing older or because of who I find myself influenced by. The world of Instagram is becoming so consuming that its hard not to see what the trends are. Either way I definitely feel happier with my fashion choices. (Bar a few that don’t need to be highlighted!) As well as feeling happy I have started to care a little less about what other people think. I used to have a uniform for the school run to try and fit in. Now I’m all frilly cuffs and pom poms living my best life. After all I do believe that how you dress attracts your tribe and I just want to be friends with people who care about impractical sleeve circumferences.

I feel like bags have such a massive impact on not only your outfit but your day. They need to hold all the stuff and still compliment all those summer trends. Ranging from tea dresses to Breton tees and high waisted trousers. I have found my favourites.

Rattan Beach Bag Oysho





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