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When we moved into our house two years ago I knew there would have to be some serious negotiations. The kitchen has an integrated fridge and freezer but I had fallen in love with my Smeg and after working so hard to get him there was no way I was going to let him go without a fight. The kitchen literally wouldn’t accommodate him and so we had to think about building a home for it. Luckily Si being such a practical soul, had always planned on converting the central heating from oil over to gas which meant we would be able to take out a large oil tank. If you can imagine the oil tank is behind that chalkboard wall with access from outside. (and you can see the Smeg sitting awkwardly in the room)

I have managed to break the memory card that had all the images of the actual building work on. So to paint a picture just imagine me crying in the corner because dust was everywhere and I had to listen to builders sing ‘the venga bus is coming’ and other amazing songs for a week. It wasn’t much fun but totally worth it.

We had such a nightmare trying to match the floor tiles. We are very much the type of people that just search online and rarely visit actual stores. In the end we just felt we couldn’t risk ordering online and went into Mandarine Stone  in Chelenham. Not that I am someone to get distracted easily or anything but we are planning our new upstairs bathroom and I wanted to share some of things that I fell in love with in store. Especially the pink sink unit below.

The utility has added so much light into the room and it makes more sense now. I like the fact that you can’t see the washing machine and tumble dryer from the kitchen. (Not to mention the laundry basket that never empties. Im sure there are extra people living in the house that I haven’t met yet with the amount of washing I do!)

I am so pleased that the tiles matched perfectly and its like the room has always been there. The dogs now have a little corner for their bed. (Im in the process of sourcing the perfect wicker basket for them)

Leaf Trivet H&M (Similar here) Owl Anthropologie

Shelf Cox & Cox

It feels great to have another project finished. Now to start the upstairs bathroom and convince Is that bedrooms must have exposed floorboards.

Cara x


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