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After taking the pictures for this post, I feel like I have been spending a lot of money on the house over the last few weeks. I think its because we are nearing the time that we start the conversion of the toilet upstairs into a bathroom and I just want everywhere else closer to being finished. When I say closer, we aren’t closer. We haven’t got planning approved or a quote we are happy with but the conversations are getting more frequent. It will happen this year I’m sure of it!

Cox & Cox Planters

I have done my time scouting around car boot sales and eBay looking for rustic pots for the garden. I have a few old buckets which are fabulous but sometimes you just need to buy great ones, from a website without the rummaging and unnecessary burger van purchases that always happens when I’m at a car boot. (Im talking about buying a burger not a van!) I found these amazing ones from Cox & Cox. They don’t come with holes in the bottom so you could use them in a conservatory or garden room. I wanted them on the front porch so we drilled a few holes into them. I have popped some peonies and lavender in them and I think they look great! So versatile as they work in a country garden and a contemporary one too. Vase

As is often the case with I ordered this vase weeks and weeks ago but I was happy to wait as I had just completely fell in love with it. The dining room is the only room that is really ‘edgy’ in our house so this is where you will find the quirkier items. It was actually the room I felling love with most when we first moved in. Yet the one that still needs the most work! The little cactus is also new from Tesco! If you want £15 off your first order at use code G5NKX868. 

Mann Made Mirror

This mirror is from a company called Mann Made London. I had been tempted to buy the Ikea mirror that everyone seems to have and looks fantastic. However I felt it lacked the quality I wanted. For me certain items should be an investment. Things like mirrors are kept forever and I’m so glad that I went for this one instead. I think it compliments the living room perfectly! Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram as I have a giveaway on this beauty coming up on Saturday!

Cox & Cox Shelf

The floor tiles in the utility are being laid next week and this room will finally be finished. Since the blackboard wall has been knocked down I wanted there to be a focus as you walked in to the room. I have had my eye on this shelf  and the larger version for a while and its just perfect. It could be used for practical purposes but for me its purely decorative because I have a feeling if I hang dog leads on those hooks a certain basset will pull the whole shelf off the wall.

Cotswold Company Chest Of Drawers

Last but absolutely not least are these Appleby Oak Drawers from The Cotswold Company. I also got my kitchen table from the same company and I’m a little in love with both items. The furniture is solid and will hopefully be something that stays within the family for a long time. I sad that I seem to have inherited the smilers drawers and my husband has the bigger ones but you can’t win them all!


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