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Oh June how are you here already? Im not complaining as June is my birthday month and its a month that is always filled with sunshine and happy memories. (Shame on you June for letting me down so far this year with this endless rain). Anyway recently I have started to have an evening ritual, I shower, pop on my PJs and check all the ‘new in’ pages of all my favourite homeware sites. I just love to see what gold rimmed, Pom Pom edged goodies will pop up. So being my birthday month it seems more fitting than ever to share all the wonderful things I have fallen in love with. Forever putting out hints.

I pretty sure you will see a pattern. I love that people have started to email me things that they think I would love. It turns out you guys are bigger enablers than me! Im not complaining, I love to be encouraged to spend!

Have a browse and let me know what you think.





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