Still Dreaming Of Those Renovation Plans

Our bathroom is downstairs. Which currently is perfect. It means sticky children (and dogs) can be shooed straight into the bathroom and avoiding all cream carpeted areas. However as I am getting older and the odd visit to the bathroom in the night has started to happen I think we all know this can’t go on forever. So we have started the very slow process of talks about putting a bathroom upstairs. There is already a toilet in Harbors room so its not impossible. We had an architect come and have a look but our initial plans had to be scraped due to putting added weight onto the beams. They look pretty but they cause problems!

Some other possibilities for us would be to add roof windows instead of changing the entire roof  and control the light with some beautiful blinds like these for example. I have found some amazing and quirky examples of bathrooms over on Pinterest that work with an unconventional space. The likely hood is that we would have areas of low head room where we could tuck a roll top under or put a shower into a window space.

Thinking about having a new bathroom upstairs has made me also think about updating downstairs too. Initially I was always wowed by our bathroom but as with anything the longer I spend in it the more I see the tiredness of everything. I would love to paint the bath pink! Do you think my husband would notice?

This is our bathroom currently. It is very grey. That is always the trouble when you move into a house. Not everything will be your taste and changing the big things like bathrooms and kitchens can be so expensive.

Unfortunately I can’t just repaint the room as some of the wood paneling is damaged and needs to be ripped out. Im in the mindset though that if we rip the panelling off we may as well get a whole new bathroom. Just gonna run that by my husband. Wish me luck. (We all know what the answer will be)


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