The Return Of The Slogan Tee

Its a funny old title because did the slogan tee ever go away? I have always seen it lurking on the high street but in all honesty it has never been on my hit list until the recently. It felt like to had an age that it was appropriate for and sadly I had lived well beyond those days. But now, bish bosh bash I have seen amazing bloggers out there who fit happily in my age box  wearing them. It made me see the slogan tee is right for me. Finally I can say whats on my mind via a t-shirt and not a doormat. (I was all about the slogan doormat before it became cool)

As always with these posts I find you my favourites. I guess thats the obsessive collector in me, I can never just have one. If I love something I want as many as possible.

Top H&M similar here Trousers also H&M Bag Mulberry Shoes Primark

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