Garden Part 2

It has been forever since I have updated you on the garden. If you read my previous post I had a lot of ideas about how I wanted the garden to progress. It has definitely been the slowest area of the house to improve but we are getting there.

This is what the garden looked like in May of last year.


The previous owners had just let everything get so overgrown that we felt it was simply best to cut everything back and dig up so many plants. It really felt like a case of starting from scratch. Things have changed a little since last year and I feel like we are actually getting somewhere!


We have a vine that will grow back over some of the garage and I’m hoping to add a pergola over the patio with something wonderful growing over it. Perhaps Wisteria. However I hold my hands up and admit that I know absolutely nothing about gardening. All I have been doing is buying lots of bulbs and planting them EVERYWHERE. Im so excited to see what comes up because I can’t even remember what I bought!

This year we aim to paint the house house white again as it is looking little tired. I love living in a white house. The brightness against all of the colours in the garden will be amazing. All of the plants have really started to shoot up this year and I can’t wait to see how it looks in the summertime.

Our garden furniture is from Very and the clock is from eBay

We obviously have loads of things for the boys in our garden because they never want to be inside. I would love to replace the tree house that they have as it is a little rickety now. I have painted it in Farrow and Ball Lulworth blue just to dress it up for now.

I want to buy some festoon lights to hang over the patio this summer. These little bulb lights were from Wilko and are so pretty at night time.

Plants are just so expensive! Im hoping to invest in a greenhouse next year so that I can start growing my own. Yes I am well aware that this is showing my age but I have always had a love for flowers. Its about time I learnt what they hell I was doing with them!




  1. May 2, 2017 / 6:41 pm

    Yes we have a greenhouse and I get such a kick out of growing my own stuff. It’s funny, reading your post is exactly the same as us. Moving in to an overgrown garden, stripping it back and starting afresh. We did that last year and now I’m seeing everything bloom. Wisteria sounds amazing, or you could do a David Austin Rose, they smell amazing. I’m going to copy with Festoon lights! Good luck!

  2. Cara
    May 3, 2017 / 1:31 pm

    Ah I love David Austin roses as they were in my wedding bouquet. We have some trying to grow over an arch!

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