Low Heels Are My Best Friend

I mean can you be best friends with a shoe? I believe so. In fact I think you should be best friends with your foot wear. It can make or break an outfit. I am a really unsatisfactory walker in heels and unless its compulsory (weddings) I just don’t wear them. This season however has seen a flurry of new midi heels. Thats not an actual term for them but they are a kitten heel or a high and so I am going with The Midi Heel!

To me, wearing these style of heel seems to make every outfit effortlessly chic. All with the added benefit of comfort too. Thats the mum in me coming out I’ll try and push her back down.

Images from Pinterest

With so many dreamy options out there and the weather not yet making its mind up it has been difficult for me to commit to one pair. (Yet) So I am taking you on my browsing experience and showing you the ones that are on my consideration list. As soon as someone finally decides to pay all my overdue invoices (Freelance life is always a thrill ride of beans on toast one day and Jo Malone the next) Ill be making my decision and buying a pair.

Its all so Nineties but I love it!

Am I alone being head over heels in love with these? (Get it?)



  1. Rebecca
    May 2, 2017 / 2:04 pm

    I love midi heels! No longer can wear high ones I’m not sure how I actually managed it a few years back! These are defo the way forward! 🙂

    • Cara
      May 3, 2017 / 1:32 pm

      Completely agree! I think they are so much sleeker anyway!

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