20 Facts About Me

I have been tagged so many times to do this ‘2o facts about me.’ If you haven’t seen it then maybe Instagram has been off your radar recently. I have yet to do it because I always struggle to think of anything and especially things you won’t know already. (Im an over sharer) Having spent my morning comparing myself to others. How skinny they are, how there blog content is far superior and how they grow their following so quickly. All the wrong things to be comparing myself to I know. Anyway I thought it be therapeutic to finally get around to writing this post.

If you are a new reader then this is a very random, quick fire way to get to know me. If you have been here a while maybe you’ll see something you didn’t know but I cant promise anything!


I am 33. Initially I thought this fact might come as a surprise to some people, however just recently I have really started to look my age. (And feel it.) As a side note Si is 31.


Are you bored yet? I was once in the High Street Honeys calendar. If you are a younger reader a high street honey was just a normal girl posing for FHM pretending they are Louise Rednapp. I was that girl.


I have a phobia of slopes. When I was a teenager I went camping on a local hill to watch the eclipse with my friends. I tumbled down the hill and landed in stinging nettles and I’m genuinely scarred for life. Happy to walk up a slope then it takes an army of people to get me back down.


I am a worrier. The other night I lay awake for two hours worrying how much food I should pack Harbor for a day at football club. TWO HOURS. I packed too much if you interested.


I have four tattoos. I got the first one when I was 16. I drew a flower and had the tattoo artist trace it and tattoo it on my tummy. I can’t draw. My tummy has grown and shrank twice. Its maybe not an Instagram worthy tat. I have a pretty big fairy on my lower back/arse because actually I was obsessed with fairy and goblins for a long time. Then my Russian doll on my arm (which I got to symbolise becoming a mother) and a heart tattoo on my finger.


I am the worst person at replying to text messages. I’m not entirely sure how I have managed to keep any friends I’m that bad.


I have the darkest sense of humour. Frankie Boyle has nothing on me. In fact I am just a really dark person. I love crime and horror programs. I happily watched The Human Centipede.


I LOVE film. I studied it at university and I can’t watch anything without thinking about the use of light or editing. It used to drive Si mad but I have learnt to keep quiet now!


I am very blunt and very honest.


Jamie King is my absolute Idol. When I was at uni I covered my wall with pictures of her. Very odd behaviour I know.


I can’t pronounce ‘Sutherland’ properly and everyone who knows me knows it. They all laughed during my wedding vows. I say Suv-er-land. Next marriage I will definitely go for someone called Smith.


I hold a grudge. Once someone has upset me I cut all ties and won’t forgive. Its an ugly trait but I can’t change.


I used to be a hair model but with such a pee head it wasn’t much success.


If I like something I collect it. Lipsticks, Mugs, shoes, pyjamas. Its all going on over here. A hoarders dream.


Can I stop at 15? Sonny starts nursery after Easter and its the first time in 6 years that I will have had any time alone. I intend to do something just for me with my new time. Yes I will be blogging but I would love to train for a half marathon.

Madness. If you read to the end then I thank you!







  1. Chris
    April 12, 2017 / 7:07 pm

    Where’s the high street honeys pic?

  2. Laura
    April 12, 2017 / 8:31 pm

    Cheltenham half has your name written all over it surely?! Although potentially involves some slope action… Excellent hair back in the day!

  3. April 13, 2017 / 2:05 pm

    I think you are my soul mate x

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