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Skincare has always been something of importance in my relationship with my boys. When they were younger I practiced a lot of baby massage with them both and it seems to have had a lasting effect. I still give them foot or leg rubs now even at ages 5 and 3. I really enjoy the idea of skincare and children. Not only because it obviously has a valuable purpose for maintaining healthy skin but also, and probably equally importantly, it is a bonding opportunity.

I have recently been sent some Organic Babies Soothing Baby Salve to try with my little ones. It is a multipurpose hero balm. A one stop shop, if you like. It can be used on lots of different parts of the body to help soften, protect and calm away any irritation.


I have always been lucky that my two boys have never had many skin complaints. However recently Harbor has been experiencing some irritation under his arms and in the crease of his elbows. I had very similar problems when I was his age also. I have been applying this balm as and when any red patches have appeared and within two days they have completely healed. I love that you only need such a tiny amount of the balm and it has a delicate lavender fragrance which is so soothing.

I have also been using it to massage Sonnys legs. He sometimes wakes up in the night in pain which I am sure is a mixture of growing pains and cramps. By warming the balm a little in my hands it becomes a little bit oily and works perfectly for a mini massage as it soaks into his skin nicely. There is nothing better than my little ones falling asleep feeling super soft and smelling of lavender.

If that isn’t feel good enough the balm doesn’t contain any nasties and contains 92% certified organic ingredients. Not being one to miss out on trying something new I have also been using the balm. (Don’t tell the boys!) I have used it as a cuticle cream, popping it on my feet before bed and on any dry patches I have been getting from this ever changing weather. Yes it is a baby salve but I did call it a ‘one stop shop!’

It was reported in The Daily Mail that the Duchess of Cambridge washes Princess Charlottes hair in the shampoo from the same range, so I have a feeling I’m in good company when I say I love this brand. We have been using it for the last few weeks and I have a sample size that is living in my hand bag. (Perfect to pop on those red knees after any tumbles) If you want to grab a  free sample you can HERE.


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