Transition Into Spring

Before we know it we are going to be flashing our ankles and leaving the house without bobble hats and scarves. I love the transition into spring. Winter has so many wonderful elements but unless you have a statement coat its hard to really give fashion the attention it deserves. Its a season where you can be lazy. Am I wearing a bra under these three jumpers? Who knows. Have I shaved my legs in the last two weeks? Your guess is as good as mine. Sometimes though the kick up the bum these warmer days gives is so uplifting. (I mean does anything actually beat the feeling of washing your hair and shaving your legs!)

I am a huge fan out neutral colours and then adding a colour pop here or there. Especially the combinations of greys and pinks. I think doing this means you can create so many different looks from a few staple items. I always say go for the more affordable items if they are in a bright colour and invest in your neutrals.  I have put together some of my top picks for introducing a little more spring to your step.

So goodbye storm Doris its time to brave no socks!


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