It Doesn’t Have To Be Plastic

This first sentence is going to shock you. When I first had Harbor I bought everything in grey, grey bedding, grey Moses basket the works. Then I started to worry that all this dullness might actually affect his learning. So began my journey in the world of plastic primary coloured doom. Big Chucky plastic toys that made skippy happy noises that could cut through a tired mum like a knife through butter. They were coming at me from all angles. Some hanging mocking me from the ceiling and others causing sharp unbearable pains under foot.

Every toy needs a different shaped battery. Each toy only taking three batteries meaning there were always one of each just lurking in my ‘shit that I may need’ drawer. Its easy to get lost in this world of plastic, thinking that you have no way out. Recently, since moving to our cottage I feel even more strongly about these plastic toys. I want a home where everything feels like it belongs and so I have started to look for more in keeping bedding and storage.

This amazing storage enamel pot and seat is called The Maggie and it has been a recent addition to Harbors bedroom, though its so gorgeous I’m happy for it to live in any room.(even my precious lounge!) It was originally a vintage enamel pot that has been redesigned. The top is now a wonderful cushioned lid which is why it doubles up as a seat. Im a real lover of everything vintage and I love the idea of reusing things. Its light and easy to move around from room to room. We have hidden our lego in here but its big enough to store all kinds of toys.

I love the pop of colour that it brings to Harbors, now very grown up room. I need to get a smaller one for Sonny’s room next. There are so many colours and a few sizes so I think they would look nice with two sat next to each other. I have been using it to sit and read the boys bedtime story so I can confirm they can hold a fair weight!

Desk Wax Furniture Lights Cotton Ball Lights Bedding M&S Cushions old John Lewis Rug Homesense 

I have done my first ever youtube video on this amazing product! (please forgive me I am just learning how to edit)

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*This is a sponsored post but as always I only promote products I really love and are a great fit for my home and blog.


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  1. February 12, 2017 / 8:27 pm

    Cara I love this post and your video!!! Whoo hoo, cheering you on your clever lady! Xx

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