Favourite Photographs of 2016

I think that everybody’s idea of happiness is very different and 2016 has been a lesson in chasing my own happiness rather than mimicking what makes other people happy. I am very lucky because we are a very happy family and we rarely argue. I guess that is because we all have an understanding of each others personalities. Im not saying what we have is perfect but then again I wouldn’t want it to be.

Si will never be romantic and he’ll never give me more than three takes to get the photograph that I want. He will always make work his priority and I will always be his unpaid personal assistant. (Keys babe, Meeting babe and don’t forget you’re at a wedding tomorrow) However he makes me feel secure and happy to be myself which makes up for the lack of flowers.

Harbor will forever think he knows everything. Even when we surprise him he says ‘I knew it would be that.’ but then those moments when he holds Sonny’s hand and tells him not to be scared because he will always look after him, blow me away. I will always be taken back by his emotional maturity. Sonny will never stay clean and may never learn to control his temper. Over Christmas he has started to pause to blow raspberries at the buckeroo game when he wins which reminds me of his rebellious, hilarious nature that is so unique to him.

These guys have been a pleasure to photograph this year. I hope I have captured the most joyous and honest times.





  1. Hanna
    December 30, 2016 / 9:55 am

    Beautiful, just beautiful and the smiles are infectious!! Thankyou for sharing x

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