New Years Renovation Plans.

I absolutely love everything about our house, well nearly everything. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but our family bathroom is downstairs. From the moment we first viewed the house we knew that eventually this wouldn’t work for us anymore.

Currently it’s perfect because I can almost throw the boys straight in the bath from the dining room table and avoid any sticky fingers touching my walls.

Luckily Harbor has a toilet in his room and he has a really good sized bedroom so our plan has always been to put a bathroom upstairs by raising the roof and chopping into some of his bedroom space.

We have just started getting quotes and planning permission and hopefully this will be something we start early next year.

Our initial idea is to put a large Dorma window in however our budget is tight so this might work out to be something smaller with some other window brand. If we go with the second option we found some good offers on They offer a large section of different kind of roof windows. Plus some easy manuals how to install roof windows. Ideal if you want to save some money on that.

Here’s some before pictures so you can try and visualise what I mean.

I have started searching for some small bathroom ideas. It goes without saying that I want a rolltop. I love the idea of having some exposed brick as well however I think Si will be against the idea.

Image from Pinterest.

We have a beam which will be running through the room which will add character and potentially cause a few head bumps!

Image from Pinterest.

I love sinks on the top of upcylced cabinets because they are so unique. As soon as I have an idea of square footage I’ll be on the hunt for something perfect!

This will be the biggest thing we have done within all our house renovations. We have put new kitchens in before but never changed the structure of our home so I’m very nervous. We have dreams of our next house being a big renovation project so this will be good practice!

I have fallen in love with our house and I know it will take a lot for me to want to leave it but I also know it’s not our forever home I’m hoping that one will be the next one! (We move a lot!)  It feels so magical at the moment with our tree up! 


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