Over Farm

I’m still feeling poorly but there isn’t a pause button for Christmas or at least I haven’t found one anyway, so today we went to see Santa. The entire car Journey there the boys argued about whether bears have cheeks. Sonny firmly believing that they do after watching an episode of Masha and the Bear. Normally I’m very good at stepping in when they argue but feeling so poorly I just sat and listened thinking to myself ‘is there anything they won’t argue about?’

This year we went to try out Overfarm for our Santa visit. We normally go to Smart trees every year as they have a cute grotto and reindeers but last year their Santa didn’t smile. I’m guessing he was having a bad day. To be fair I can’t think of a worse job than playing santa. (Except maybe working night shifts)

Two ‘I’m not wearing a coat’ and ‘my head won’t stop wobbling’ meltdowns later Sonny saw that we were about to ride on a tractor and suddenly the world was his oyster.

The tractor ride was hosted by an elf who was so bubbly and lovely. Including all the children in her story as we drove to see Santa.

Then we got to Santa and I kid you not he was the REAL santa. It took all my energy not to run up and motorboat him for those Mulberry Christmas mornings.

Then he told a story to the children all about the farms tractor Henry which was really sweet, not that I was listening. I was just sat cursing myself for thinking about motorboating santa.

The children got to choose their own toy, which is absolutely genius after a few rubbish years of getting girls toys from Santa.

So now we have met the big man and the tree is up all we are waiting for is Harbor to absolutely smash his part of ‘sheep’ in the school nativity. Which is a bit of a come down from last years Joseph!

Back home to watch Christmas films and drink lemsip!



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