Feeling Poorly And Getting On With It. 

Feeling Poorly And Getting On With It. 

I have a cold, is that worthy of a blog post? Maybe not. Should I write it anyway? Hell to the yeah. Let me fill you in. These past three weeks I have been so ill. I have been struggling with a chest infection and other winter cold symptoms. Every now and then I wake up feeling like Ive turned a corner and I’m on the mend then BAM a new ailment hits me.

Luckily my children are at a less demanding age now as they can talk and walk (even scoot off to school) so there have been some small mercies. Don’t let this waver your sympathy levels though.

I think part of the reason I’ve not managed to get better is because I haven’t slowed down. I only have one speed. I have still been going to blogging events I guess mainly because I’m too scared to say no. I am still amazed people read my blog and I’m riding that wave for as long as I can!

The biggest struggle I have had has been the guilt. I have been staying indoors as much as possible and Sonny has had to endure lots of ‘lazy days’ with me.

Last weekend the children were excited for Winter Wonderland. When I woke up I couldn’t stand due to stomach pains. I’m guessing a combination of coughing all night and one too many paracetamols were the culprit.

I couldn’t bare to disappoint them and so off to London we went. Just a two and a half hour car ride each way. The whole time I just wanted to be back home in bed. The highlight of the day was my meltdown over not being able to strap the boys into a spinning car ride. I guess I was acting like a two year old as I got a talking to from Si.

Theres nothing more uplifting than being told to ‘fucking sort yourself out’ by your husband while holding a hot dog. As rude as it was I definitely needed that metaphorical slap in the face. That and a few goes on the dodgems where I bumped the crap out of Si’s car was all I needed to be friends again. (*slips divorce papers back into handbag)

Don’t ever believe it when people say romance is dead.

It always amazes me that parents (often mothers) just have to cope when they are poorly. Pretending to put out fires like fireman Sam through a coughing fit isn’t the one. There should be an emergency NHS child care service.

I do envy those women whose husbands or partners take time off when they are poorly but that just isn’t how Si and I are. We are tough on each other. Push each other without sympathy. I never would admit I need help and he is often too scared to offer it. I like to think I would have made a great spartan.

I believe there is something really admirable in admitting you can’t cope but I just don’t have that in me. So I am hoping that I turn a corner next week. Mainly because I need to get outdoors. All these fresh frosty days I could be enjoying, but also because this is my favourite month and I’m absolutely missing it under a paracetamol cloud.

So if I’ve seemed a little off or lacking over the last few weeks then this is why. I am planning on a much happier few weeks.

Cara x



  1. December 3, 2016 / 9:31 am

    Oh Cara, I really hope you feel better soon. I’ve been struggling lately too with a B12 deficiency which has left me feeling like I want to just stay in bed, coupled with a cold that won’t manifest properly so I’m constantly fighting the onset of it. I can’t imagine how much harder it would be with two little ones too. Like you, I’ve been tough on myself and haven’t taken a day off or asked my husband to help with any of the ‘stuff’ I normally do, I’ve just cracked on. I think I like to feel independent and in control. I’ve also been a lot quieter on the social media front as I’ve found myself needing to just rest and take some time to let my body recover. Do you take echinacea at all? I’ve found it helpful for fighting off the cold symptoms. I’m having jabs for the B12 and think they are helping too.

    Try not to be too hard on yourself, from the snapshots you share of your boys, it seems you are doing a brilliant job of raising two wonderful little people, and the odd day in won’t worry them in the long run. I really hope you feel better soon and have a lovely Christmas. Xx

  2. Leah
    February 8, 2017 / 2:52 pm

    Why is it whenever I’m going through something I read your blog and I can always relate! My husband works on an oil rig and is away for 3 weeks at a time, after one of the worst Christmas’s the first one without him my 4 year old came down with a virus which ok I’m fine to deal with alone, although I don’t think my work are that sympathetic, I then got hit with the flu I haven’t had the flu since I was 8, I’m lucky i have my mum and dad who took her school for 3 days I literally couldn’t move from my bed on the plus side I lost half a stone every cloud and all that haha!! Anyway thank you for being as honest as you are and don’t be ashamed to say your not coping we’re only human and there are times we can’t do it all, keep up with the blogs I love them!! Lots of love xxxx

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