Christmas Isnt Just For Christmas. 

I love going all out for Christmas but I am also very conscious about the things I buy for my home. I want to buy things that will be both timeless and not just for Christmas. You can hear my rose gold cushion sighing with relief. I always feel sad for those Christmas decorations shoved in the garage as soon as Christmas is done.

So I wanted to share with you some old and new things that I love that can be around for the whole year.

Firstly and probably something you’ve seen before on my Instagram is my fairy lights. I have icicle lights hanging on my fire place all year round which I found on eBay and I have recently bought some copper wire lights from Not On The Highstreet which I have been moving around the home.

I have recently bought my sequin cushion from NOTHS

but I have also fallen in love with this one 

which is from Esprit and it’s amazing.

I have also just ordered a wooden sledge from Connox which I will use to shelf lanterns and presents over Christmas then I’ll use it as a welly shelf the rest of the year.

Here is my Pinterest inspiration

I have some sequin bunting in my living room that I was sent from a lovely independent seller called Button Pearl Crafts which I will be using in the summer in the garden too!

The other thing I love to do is to make homemade hampers for people as all of my family love wicker baskets. You can find baskets so cheap on eBay or in your local charity shop. Once Christmas is over they make gorgeous picnic baskets.

That’s about where I start and finish with Christmas savvy. The rest is pure indulgence!




  1. November 22, 2016 / 2:58 pm

    Love the idea of the sledge inside Cara. We have a really old sledge which has been past down generations! I think I might have to copy you and bring it inside! It’s about the only action it’ll get as we never have snow!!! H x

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