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Currently I feel like I am using very last drop of my energy each day. Setting myself unrealistic expectations and chasing my tail.

I feel exhausted and have done for a long time. I went to the doctors about it but they just told me ‘you have young children’. I honestly don’t think that’s it. I surely shouldn’t need an afternoon nap at least three days out of severn.

I made the decision to cut working night shifts down from two nights a week to one. I work with the elderly and do twelve hour shifts.

There is something beyond being physically tired in my job. It exhausts you mentally and emotionally too. I can’t talk about my experiences at work because it’s confidential but you can imagine the turns of life when you are in your last few days on this earth.

So when Rosie from Equi London asked me to review her multivitamin product I jumped at the chance.

It is a powder substance that you mix with water or juice. It is designed to help energise, enhance immunity and support hormonal systems (to name a few benefits)

As with anything new I was so excited to try it. I mixed it with water which turned a murky green colour. My husband was eager to watch me try it, smirking in the background. I really struggled to drink it.

I emailed Rosie, I felt I simply couldn’t review this product as I really couldn’t drink it.

Rosie emailed me back and made me see sense. This isn’t necessarily the most amazing tasting drink. (Though obviously some people do like the taste) but for it to contain all the amazing superfoods that it does it cant possibly taste like that Friday night G&T.

So I decided to give it another go. Some days I have been mixing it with orange juice and other days beetroot juice depending on my mood.

I have been taking it first thing and actually mixing it with juice has made it quite pleasant to drink compared to the holding my nose and jogging on the spot first attempt.

I’m two weeks into trying Equi London now and honestly can feel the difference. I’ve grown to like the taste too!

The difference I have enjoyed the most has been in my skin and hair.  If only it could get rid of wrinkles too!

My energy levels seem to have improved but I’m only two weeks in so I think I’m expecting a lot to see immediate changes everywhere.

I will be buying this product from now on because I have seen some great changes. I love that Rosie is a busy mum who has developed this product. I love hearing about other mums finding ways to be successful around having children, it’s so inspiring.

There is a great a piece on the Daily Mail which is also worth a read.

Next step is to get back to running! Watch this space!



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  1. Sam
    December 13, 2016 / 4:11 pm

    Omg!! Me too, I’ve been trying really hard to incorporate this into my daily routine but I’m such a wimp about drinking it (you’re talking to the person that can’t even swallow liquid paracetamol or cough syrup without a gagging fest!) I have been adding to berry smoothies, pineapple helps with the taste too… some days I just have to hold my nose and down it! Need to get back on it regularly and reap the benefits!xx

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