Sleep And Me. 

Sleep is without any question the most important thing in my life. (I love my children but sometimes you have to prioritise) My mum told me the other day that it’s always been the same. When I was little she would only have a maximum of two hours after school to get me fed, bathed and homework done before I’d needed to be in bed. To be honest not a lot has changed for me now.

My children are very similar to me. They go to bed around 6.30pm and wake at 6.30am. Every night. Without fail. We are a snoozy bunch! 

Since I started working night shifts I have seen my health massively decline. It took me a while to notice the connection but now I have, all the focus has moved onto me upping my nap game.

We have just received a new mattress from Drift Sleep. Our body needs to be able to breathe while we sleep. This helps us get better rest. (Fact of the day, you can thank me later) Drift mattress’ allows your body to breathe. My focus has been on wellness recently and knowing  this has really made me feel better about what I’m sleeping on. We spend on average a third of our life asleep. I believe we should invest in certain items and it makes sense that a good place to sleep should be one of them. 

As if by magic the mattress (in our case a double) arrives in this lovely bag! Once you open it grows! 

I’ve spent the last few nights sleeping on this mattress and even when Sonny snuck in to join us I still woke feeling like I had so much more energy. I guess we just didn’t realise our old mattress wasn’t right for us until the new one came along! 

A cute little extra and much to Sonnys delight was this little toy that came with the mattress. Its these little touches that win me over as a customer. Like the time my veg delivery man gave me a Christmas card. 

We need to get Sonny a single bed soon so I definitely will be buying a Drift mattress for him too. The better he sleeps the better I sleep! 

Some other sleep tricks that I have been doing recently are mixing lavender oil and water in a spray bottle and spritzing my pillow before bed.

I have also invested in some good pyjamas and have started a social media ban after 10pm. It’s good to give your brain time to switch off before you try to fall asleep.

I am feeling so much better. My health is starting to improve, it helps that I have cut back on my night shifts too. 

 Take a look at Drift Sleep here.

Cara x


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  1. Nicola
    October 10, 2016 / 1:01 pm

    Very timely – we’re in desperate need of a new mattress (apparently they only last 7-10yrs, I reckon we’re still using an old one my parents gave us before we got married, so its probs 20+years old!). Will take a look at the website – love the fact its comes in a bag too, nothing worse than battling with a mattress up an old staircase! xx

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