They See Me Rollin’

They See Me Rollin’

We have had our Radio Flyer wagon for just over a week now. I wanted one because Sonny (my youngest) is at that funny age where he doesn’t want to go in the Pram or walk. My left arm has grown muscles that Mike Tyson would be proud of from carrying him ALL THE TIME.
I wanted something that would be fun, practical and most importantly not make me look like an idiot. I’m mainly talking about those push along trike things with a brolly. They look way too prancy for my thuggish two year old.

I wasn’t expecting the reaction this wagon has got. Both boys insist on using it every school run and even when we are home I often find sonny just sat in it. Ready.

It has a seat belt that keeps Sonny safe and plenty of room in front of him to carry my shopping or his brother.

I have been taking it everywhere this week. Especially on the dog walk as it’s so easy for Sonny to hop back in when he is tired.

Also I love the retro vibe that all Radio Flyer products have. It’s definitely an investment buy as I can see us using it for many years to come. (I have visions of camping holidays and taking this with us)

There are many places you can buy Radio Flyer from in the U.K. But to see their full product range look here.


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