It feels like Autumn 

It is Harbors first day at school today. He is in year one now and today had very different emotions to the reception day one emotions.  In fact I actually thought it was more sad as it was no big thing. He was ‘just’ going back to school.

I started a tradition that each year I would document what Harbor wants to be when he grows up. This year he wants to be a pilot. I always wanted to be a Butlins Redcoat so it’s already evident he takes after his dad! (Not that he’s a pilot unfortunately)

Walking home from dropping him off I really felt like summer was over. The leaves are starting to change colour and the sky is very dark.

Autumn is my favourite! I came home and straight away lit a candle. I received a gorgeous parcel of candles from HollysHouseUk (Instagram) and just sat on my side they have been making my kitchen smell amazing!

I’ve no idea why candles make me so happy. I guess they symbolise home and relaxing and after having a few mini meltdowns last week I definitely need to focus on that more.

I’ve always wanted to start my own candle company. I think that’s why I loved working for Jo Malone.

I love this candle the most out of what I was sent, nice chunky heavy glass and a very Cath Kidston style logo and it smells amazing! I’m going to keep the tin candles for when we have little mini breaks as the kids make it easy to take them wherever.

I love buying from small business’ because quite often they are mummies like me, just trying to find a way to earn money and still be around for there children. Which is something I’m struggling with at the moment.

Have a look at HollyHouseuk’s lovely Instagram if you have chance.

Cara x


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