Doing it for the kids.

Doing it for the kids.

Yesterday we went to ThomasLand. We haven’t been there (for good reason) since Harbors 3rd birthday.

There is something about Thomas that I whole heartedly disagree with. He is basically a naughty tantruming toddler version of a train with various jumped up mates. Gordon always fucking moaning.

However sometimes you have to do things that you hate to make other people happy. I’m still not sure if the utter delight on my boys faces out weighed the queuing and the dead arm from holding Sonny.

Don’t get me wrong I love doing things for the boys. However I feel like it’s more fulfilling if it’s educational or at the very least phontogenic. Obviously I was happy to photograph these cock dinosaurs that definitely make an appearance in most places I take the boys.

In all seriousness Thomasland is fab with all the rides and the zoo there is loads to do. We were lucky and the weather was cool and dry. It’s an expensive day out (made cheaper with tesco club card points) but you literally can be there all day, which of you ask me is the what separates the naff attractions from the good.

We took the Pram, which we never normally do and I was happy to just park it up while we went on rides. Also hearing all the wonderful Midlands accents as you walk round is brilliant. (People watcher by nature over here)

Anyway now I’ve filled my good mum quota it’s time to take the boys shopping. Balance boys, take the rough with the smooth!


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