Little Messages Of Reassurance. 

Recently I have been feeling like one of those tiny flys that hovers around your phone when you are Instagram stalking at night.

In case that analogy isn’t clear I guess what I’m trying to say is that I have no idea what my goal is but I’m putting loads of effort in and there is a very real chance I’m pretty annoying.

I also just can’t seem to focus my energy. I’m half arsing everything, stressing out and getting completely offended when I’m offered help.

I definitely blame motherhood. It absolutely allows no room for commitment or identity. (Unless you class your identity as being a mum that is)

Before having children my career was everything. I’d love to have that passion again but i just don’t know how you can give 100% to something when realistically you need to be giving 100% to motherhood.

You have to work like you don’t have children and then mother like you don’t have work.

I received some of these Yes Mum cards the other day and I’ve been trying to focus on them each day in a bid to not have a rack attack (new way of saying calm your tits, that’s my first test drive of saying it and I’m not sure it’ll catch on)

I do find comfort in the smallest things. I read on a plus sized models Instagram ‘it’s ok that my thighs touch and belly wobbles’ and that completely changed my mindset for the day.

So what I’m saying is that these cards are helping. The little messages of positivity that people put out there is helping. The fact that I need help just because I’m a mother makes me think there should be mother rehab.

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