Woolacombe Bay

Woolacombe Bay

We don’t invest much of our money in holidays. Infact we didn’t even honeymoon. Also we are in our first year of having a school age child which comes with it the lovely holiday prices surprise. 

So I was pretty gutted when I realised all we could afford was a caravan holiday. (Note to self I need to spend my money more wisely or just take Harbor out of school!) 

We went to everyone’s favourite Woolacombe bay and stayed in the caravan holiday park. It was a long drive which gave me loads of time to talk rules. Si – No shouting at the kids, let them be loud and get sticky. Harbor – please don’t talk to strangers unless they are children and even then make sure mummy gives it the OK. Sonny – don’t make that screechy noise and please keep the lying on the floor to a minimum. 

First impressions were good, hydrangeas everywhere (good Instagram opps) and we could see the sea! 

Everything was great really, entertainment, facilities and an open top bus ride to the beach. 

The caravan was my favourite thing. The whole journey home I was eBay searching so we could buy our own. To which Si has come up with some bullshit claustrophobia reason why he doesn’t feel it’s a good idea.  

But all those fantastic memories (even though it was only 3 days) has made me realise I need to change my priorities. I shouldn’t spend all my money on the boys and the house. I need to invest more into time, time spent as a family. 


I’m glad to be home, refreshed and ready to make more effort to do less. 



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