Hemsley and Hemsley 

Last night some friends and I were lucky enough to go along to no38 to the Hemsley and Hemsley supper. It was an intimate dinner with H&H talking to us about their food and obviously we got to eat it all!

If you haven’t already been to any of the Lucky Onions hotels and restaurants then I think you would love the boutique interior and second to none customer service. It really has a unique vibe and it is one of the reasons I love living in Cheltenham so much.

I didn’t manage to take as many pictures of the food as I would have liked. If you already have the H&H cookbook you’ll know it’s refined sugar and gluten free, super simple and delicious. I posted a recipe earlier on my blog here.

There was some obvious banter about my Instagram (I’m always taking pictures) Rebecca asked Jasmine to sign my book with this…

This week I have been dieting and exercising. After last night I have come away with a new mindset. That good foods, like butter and fats are important. That a focus on a good digestive system and eating simpler with no calorie counting is what will make the difference.

I’m always taking baby steps towards a healthier diet. I love trying new things. To be honest their sugar free chocolate orange was absolutely incredible. It’s making me rethink my addiction to Wispa Golds. I’m almost converted.

The thing is I’m open minded, I get the health benefits from all this delicious food but really can you beat the melt in your mouth, no need to chew Big Mac?

Almost converted I said.

Cara X

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  1. May 22, 2016 / 10:09 am

    Great post! If you haven’t checked out Honestly Healthy I’d look at this Instagram/recipe book series too – I went to a supper club on Friday and the food was delicious (I feel the same about a sausage and egg McMuffin!)
    Katie x

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