The Leaf by Bellabeat

Last week I received my new Leaf by Bellabeat. It monitors activity levels, sleep, menstrual cycle and has meditation exercises.

It can be worn as a necklace and a bracelet. I have it in rose gold.

I love trying out new ways to be healthier. I always feel so tired all the time. I’m aware that some of this is because I work night shifts and lose up to two full nights sleep each week. However what surprised me was that when I was sleeping it was very restless.

The Leaf showed me that I was getting as little as 20% deep sleep in a 7 hour sleep. So I have started to restrict when I have caffeine and I’ve already noticed a difference.

I love that it shows me the calories I have burnt whilst resting as well as when I’m active. It means I can make better choices about what I’m eating.

You can set it to vibrate to remind you to be active or to take your contraceptive pill.

I have already received compliments on it because it just looks gorgeous.

For further information look on the Bellabeat website

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