Hi my name is Cara Sutherland and I am a bathaholic. 

I mean I’ve always been a fan of washing but now I literally bath bomb the s**t of of life. 

So you can image how literally overjoyed I was to receive these Heyland Whittle products to review. 

First stop, ‘ave a bath. 

I have been sent some of the green tea and grapefruit range, perfect for spring. A light citrus fragrance which is very uplifting. 

I dissolved one of these bath melts and although they don’t have the drama of the lush ones (no vibrant colours or tsunami fizziness) they did fill the whole house with fragrance. 

The essential oils left my skin feeling so soft. Softer than normal. Now here’s a little Cara fact. I am known (in small circles) for my softness. I have been touched before and people have literally jumped back in surprise at how soft I am.. I’m digressing.



I haven’t yet had chance to try the hand cream and body wash but I am expecting great things from these. Overall I was very impressed by this brand. Handmade always has some romance for me. 


  1. March 29, 2016 / 3:25 pm

    Love this post. Think I’ll be purchasing some of these treats this month to try! Great Blog & Instagram too. x

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