Daylesford Farm

I don’t know if it’s my age, the fact I live in a cottage or my ‘fake it till you make it’ mantra but just lately I’ve been obsessed with farm shops and anything organic.

With my husband being away on a ‘I really don’t need to know the details’ Liverpool stag do I thought I’d take the opportunity to visit Daylesford Farm with the boys. 

It happens to be one of the most instagramable places local to me and I have never been before! 

I was wondering around with my mulberry mentally trying to justify the £6.99 I was about to spend on jam just because I liked the jar.

However ridiculously priced things were I do hope to go back and buy some candles because for me candles can be any price and I wouldn’t be put off. I guess working for Jo Malone London completely changed my perception on things like this. 

We didn’t have time to stop for lunch but that will definitely happen on my next visit. Such a lovely environment for Sunday lunching! 

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