It’s the little things. 

Now I’m gonna say something that I don’t 100% believe in.

Money can’t buy you happiness

Because let’s face it, if I was in the south of France, sipping on Champagne and wondering which Mulberry to put Sonny’s nappies in, I’d be fucking deliriously happy. 

However Monday night saw us child free and that can only mean one thing… Ridiculously long walks in the torrential rain! (We bloody do it every time) 

Now I’ll just whizz through the evening… I decided running up the incredibly steep hill would just make the ordeal end quicker. Instead I managed to get blisters from Ugg boots, which is almost impossible surely. After a quick drink we realised it had gone pitch black outside and it was absolutely hammering it down!

  Armed with our iPhone torches we headed home.

Now here’s a little something you might not know about me. I have a phobia of slopes. Mainly downhill ones. Much to Si’s delight this meant I enforced a 2 mile detour. 

And this my friends is where I found my happy for free. We squelched home in the pitch black singing our first dance song at the top of our lungs and it made me realise just how lucky I really am. So maybe I should stop bloody moaning about all my 1st world problems….

But now my Ugg boots are completely ruined and I can’t wear heels to a wedding we are off to tomorrow so no happiness is completely free. 

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