How to sell your house.

We are putting our house on the market tomorrow so I’d thought I’d share some tips on what has worked for us in the past.

1) Clutter
So that notice board of dentist appointments and child pictures. That pile of magazines that your about to read. Even the draining board on your kitchen sink. GET RID. The more space and less stuff the better. The idea is to create an idea of what the space is used for without over personalising it. Not everyone can imagine putting their stamp on a place.

2) FLowers
Fresh flowers. Always. It’s your home at its best remember.

3) Smell
I am a clean freak so you can always smell cleaning products in my house because chances are I’ve only just stopped cleaning. If you are slightly more normal make sure you spray air freshener before a viewing and polish the sides quickly.

4) Curb appeal
This is so important. You might not be having a viewing but people might be driving by to look at the outside. The front of your house must be at its best ALWAYS.

I’m sure some of these points are obvious and certainly very basic but you’d be surprised at the things I’ve seen when viewing houses!


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